The continuous noise machine.
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Dazik does not fully support mobile.

Apple devices unsupported.
Android on Firefox works fine!
Android on Chrome will need to apply the following fix:-

Enter the above in your address bar and disable it, then refresh the page.
Try the Videoless Mobile Version

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What is this?
Are you stupid? It's noise, indiscriminately.

Why is this?
That's not even a proper goddamn sentence. Learn English.

Okay.. What's it do?
Loads from thousands of songs at random, don't like a song? Skip it. Just like your Dad did with you.

Why are you so rude?
I have to be rude so people stop asking dumb questions.

Why not just use Pandora or such?
You are the reason I'm rude. See below.

This is just a YouTube Playlist.
No it's not, it's loading videos at random from hundreds of various channels. Purposely skipping "trash".

What's with the backgrounds?
If you've got something better, I'd like to see it. All backgrounds are from WallHaven.cc.

What if a video doesn't work?
It will automatically skip dead/copyright videos.

Chrome isn't autoplaying.
Chrome will no longer autoplay a video when minimized by default. To disable this, enter the following in chrome's address bar chrome://flags/#disable-gesture-requirement-for-media-playback and disable it.

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